Treat yourself to the vacation of a lifetime and meet many beautiful Ukrainian women to find your true love. Kiev (now spelled Kyiv) offers 100’s of historic and magical sites to visit while finding your “TRUE LOVE’s match”. The women of Kiev are extremely proud of their culture, way of life, and love showing off thmeir beautiful country to new visitors.

Dolce Vita offers (4) dates of organized ‘Group Kiev Tours’ per year to Kiev Ukraine.

Our 2018 schedule is as follows:

February 12th – 19th

May 14th – 21st

August 13th – 20th

November 12th – 19th

The group tours range between 10 and 20 men at a time. Male members will pay for and arrange their own flights to and from Kiev, Ukraine to be a member of the group tour. Once in Kiev, Dolce Vita will do the rest! We will provide ALL airport logistics (transportation to and from), lodging at a 4-star hotel with continental breakfast, two social events and plenty of opportunities for our male members to interact with our female members. A private tour of Kiev, translation services as needed, assistance and private consultations with your personal Relationship Consultant are all at your disposal when joining a ‘Group Tour’. At each of the two social events, you will meet two different groups of women. These women will differ which allows for your varied taste and expectation in developing your relationship with Dolce Vita Dating Agency. The tour and social events will have a relaxed feel but is professionally run and managed.

Our Group Kiev Tours yield the best value for your dollar. The ability to meet many eligible women during one trip is a simple enough reason to sign-up for a tour. In addition to meeting many beautiful, elegant and intelligent women, you will discover the mysteries and romance of historic Kiev. What a better setting to start to fall in love.

Total Cost for a 7-night tour is $2,897/per gentlemen member


For more information or to set-up your Group Kiev Tour to Kiev, please submit the email form below or call us directly at 1.734.740.4986.

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